Pogson Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic and sports physical therapy with an emphasis on shoulder, hip and knee disorders.  Pogson PT is highly experienced with a wide range of complex spinal and extremity injuries, both pre-operative as well as post-surgical, including a special interest in the management hip labral tears and hip impingement syndromes.

Treatment plans typically involve specific joint and soft tissue manual therapy techniques designed to restore normal joint biomechanics with subsequent movement reeducation. This is followed by progressive, higher-level strength and conditioning strategies emphasizing a return to prior level of function.  All physical therapy plans  include the tools, knowledge and  education so that the treatment programs can be continued independently where appropriate.

Ongoing clinical education is a priority and Pogson PT is a clinical affiliate of the UCLA Sports Medicine Fellowship Program which entails the clinical mentoring of Resident and Fellowship trained physicians specializing in sports medicine.

“Chris is the first PT I have ever recommended in my 30+ years of athletics. He’s careful, diligent, knowledgeable, and tailors specifically to your needs. He gives the best care one can receive.”

–Gerry Rodrigues,
National and World Champion Masters Swimmer,
Founder TOWER 26